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Most boats at some point will be in need of a repair due to a leak. A leaking boat may seem like a major problem. However there are several easy to apply options that are available that will patch your boat up quite nicely. Part of the challenge in repairing a leak is to find the exact place where it is leaking and being able to reach it to and apply the patch. The following paragraphs will give you a general overview on how to fix a leak in your boat.

Once you have located where the leak is, If it is possible you should patch both the outside and inside at the point of the leak. You should patch the leak on the outside of the hull since water pressure presses against the patch. A patch inside the hull has to hold the water back. If there is a leak along the seam that is hidden beneath the keel on the outside, you may have no choice other than to patch it from the inside.

If the leak is under a riveted seat your options are to fix it on the outside of the hull or to saw an access port in the side of the seat nearest to where you believe the leak is located. One compound that is widely used is 3M 5200 sealant. The surface of the aluminum and rivet should be cleaned before applying the sealant. It will form a durable patch that should last years.

It is available in a regular and fast cure format in 3 ounce and caulking tube sizes. As a caution, don't buy more of this sealant than you need at one time. Once it is opened, it will cure in a couple of days, even it the tube is resealed.

You can also make repairs with a product called Cabela's Aluminum Boat Patch. This product is applied to a clean aluminum surface with a regular propane torch. If the leaking surface has been painted you will need to remove the paint with sandpaper or a wire brush. The area is heated with the torch until the stick of solid sealant can be wiped on. It can fix small holes, leaking rivets and cracks. Once you are certain that the leak has been successfully repaired, you may paint over these patches if desired. Your boat should look almost as good as new.

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Simple Ways To Repair Leaks
Author: Victor Epand
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