Produced in association with Boating Magazine, this program provides sixty great tips on boat maintenance including winter lay-ups, spring start-ups, diesel and gas engine , maintenance, refinishing, polishing, waxing and electronic maintenance. Subjects Covered Include: Winter Lay-ups, Spring Start-ups, Diesel & Gasoline Engine Maintenance, Refinishing Scratches, Polishing, Waxing, Safety Equipment Electronic Maintenance. Step-by-Step Lessons Include: Sub-Menu One: Removing Rust, Exhaust Stains, Removing Mildew, Repair Kits, Propellers, Preventing Mildew, Securing Screws, Electrical Connections, Spare Parts, Zincs, Grounding, Storage, Removing Streaks, Bilges, Waxing, Removing Haze, Removing Scratches, Trailer Rust, Storing Engines, Necessary Tools Sub-Menu Two: Top Side Leaks, Storing Lines, Zippers, Snaps, Sea Cocks, Lines, Batteries, Electrical Wiring, Bottoms, Draining Water, Bilge Blowers, Routine Maintenance, Head Maintenance, Water Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Cabin Storage Space, Cabin Items, Salon, State Rooms, Electronics, Hoses, Oil Changes Sub-Menu Three: Fuel Stabilizers, Prepare, Gear Lube, Prop Balance, Fuel Condensation, Fire Extinguishers, Battery Switches, Tires/Lugs, Wheel Bearings, Bearing Grease, Springs, Bearing Quick Check, Trailer Wiring, Trailer Rollers, Must Tips, Maintenance Delays, Depreciation, Little Things Count, Owners Manuals, Boating Magazine

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Here are some of the tips which can help you keep your boat up and running:-

o Flush the engine each time it's used in salt water. Use "earmuffs" over the water intake and a freshwater hose. Tilt engine and rinse underneath to prevent salt buildup.

o Fill gas tank on the way back a full tank resists water build-up from condensation.

o Wash entire boat and trailer using soap and water. Zip Wax (by Turtle Wax) car wash soap contains wax and will not strip the wax from your boat. Do not use bleach or Soft Scrub except in emergencies. Re-wax the affected area after using these harsh products.

o Scrub the deck with a non-skid cleaner

o Dry all the metal, glass and flat surfaces. Standing water will leave mineral deposits and etch surfaces....
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